Kaylee Federmann didn’t always want to be a pop artist. Before her singing days, she had a strong love for dolphins. After watching the movie Dolphin Tale, the Newton, MA native fell in love with the idea of being a dolphin trainer. The idea of being a singer came a little later.


When she was 10, Kaylee found her dad’s old guitar in the basement and after showing some interest, her dad fixed it up for her. However, she didn’t start playing and writing songs on it until she turned 12, after her dad passed away from cancer.  “My dad showed me the first few chords on his old nylon string, but I didn’t end up diving in until after he passed. I watched videos and learned to play songs from his old guitar book he used when he was a kid taking lessons.”


Also during these developmental years, Kaylee had been struggling with a learning disability in school. When she was tested in middle school, she found out she had Executive Functioning Disorder, a disorder that falls under the umbrella of Dyslexia. She was put in special education classes for the rest of her middle school and high school years. Ironically, language and words were the two things she struggled with the most - she was always two to three levels lower than she should be for her age.


In this traumatic time, Kaylee decided to turn to songwriting: “When words are put to melodies, when you have control over them, that’s when it becomes fun. When they're your own, you can understand them.” 


Fast forward 7 years, Kaylee is now captivating listeners with her catchy melodies, honest storytelling, and expressive voice. Her love of pop music and dedication to her art has taken her places most singers her age still hope to be. She has played stages from coast to coast, including Brighton Hall in New York City, the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and The Mint in Los Angeles. She’s shared the stage with artists such as Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke and The Voice finalist Sarah Grace.


Kaylee is extremely excited about the new music she’s been working on, set to release this year. “Something that’s always been important to me is the idea of being listened to and heard. When people listen to my music I want them to feel like we are having a conversation - that we’re the only two people in the room and that their thoughts and feelings are heard. I want them to feel like nothing is passed aside...while of course still jamming out to the song and having fun.”


Stuart Berk

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